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Meme Helper for ASP.Net WebPages

We’re working hard on the next versions of ASP.Net WebPages, MVC and Razor, but in the mean time, we wanted to preview some of the work we’re doing for the next version. So, I’m releasing one of the new helpers we’re working on as an early preview via NuGet.

Have you ever felt that your site was missing an important aspect of web culture? Like an image of a cat, or an embedded 1980s music video? That’s what we’re hoping to solve with this new helper for ASP.Net WebPages.

The Meme Helper is a simple helper which allows you to easily inject pure unfiltered AWESOME into your site with a single line of code. For example, let’s say you want to embed a certain newly released music video that’s garnered a lot of interest recently. You could go find the video and add a bunch of HTML embed code from your favorite video sharing site. Or you could use HTML5. Or even better, you could use the MemeHelpers and do it in one line:

@Friday.Embed(type: Friday.FridayType.Normal)

Or maybe you want to reference a certain weather phenomenon which occurs not once, but TWICE in the sky at the same time:

@Rainbow.Embed(type: Rainbow.RainbowType.Double)

Or perhaps you’ve tired of this whole Meme phenomenon and want to express your exhaustion:

@Facepalm.GetHtml(type: Facepalm.FacepalmType.Picard, height: 200)

If there’s a meme, there’s probably a helper for it. And if not, you can contribute your own by forking the BitBucket repository!

You can get the MemeHelpers using NuGet (PackageId: FourOne.Memes). Plus, I've attached a Sample Website to this post. Install the package and explore the Memes!!

Oh and remember: Yesterday was Thursday! Thursday! Today it is Friday! Friday! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!

DISCLAIMER: This is not actually related to Microsoft in any way. Microsoft does not endorse any of these Memes. This is just the idle rambling of a developer who likes Memes and a certain day in April ;)

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