Yet another blog update!

Well, I went and updated my blog again. I got tired of paying for SquareSpace when I was only barely using it. Also, I’m a nerd and nerdy things make me happy. So, I’m trying out GitHub Pages and Jekyll. That means that this entire site is up on GitHub and can be viewed by anyone at any time! The repo is here. It’s all static html that gets run through Jekyll on GitHub’s servers. I have a local copy of Jekyll I use to test things out too. The comments are mostly ported across except for one page (which I’ve contacted Disqus support for). The RSS feed has also moved, but the old one should continue to work. Please resubscribe to the new one though at:

As you can see, I’ve also updated the site layout. It’s a Responsive design as well, which means that the layout adjusts as the browser window size shrinks. It also means it should look pretty good on mobile devices like phones and tablets!

I’ll have more posts later on the details behind the new “engine” but it’s bedtime now ;). Enjoy! Let me know what you think of it!